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External momentum has stalled meanwhile we are on the quest to find the right scale-up partner. 

17 Nov 2021

Call for Code: Technology solutions solving real-world challenges

The Hero Loop CEO speaks at the global IBM Think event about using cloud and AI technologies to make meaningful change and the positive impact the projects are already making on people’s lives.

Watch the video by pressing the icon below.

30 Sept 2021

Hack for Earth

We are proud to announce that we have been accepted to join Hack for Earth – the global online hackathon to solve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Expo 2020 in Dubai. Together with teams worldwide, we’ll take on the most critical global issues the world is facing right now. Read more by pressing the link below.

22 Sept 2021

Codemotion magazine writes about TheHeroLoop​

Codemotion writes about how TheHeroLoop won Call for Code Challenge and what’s next for TheHeroLoop.

31 Aug 2021

The Largest Independent Startup Ecosystem nominates TheHeroLoop

TheHeroLoop has been nominated for Nordic Startup Awards. The Hero Loop is a Web3.0 webbapp where people anonymously login by using a Hiro wallet, where trolls are blocked by AI, and where you are awarded for doing great deeds and help reduce climate change in your neighbourhood. It is the place to go for citizens to be matched with others with the same interests, where you contribute to your community’s health and well-being, and thereby help our world reach UN’s SDG goals for 2030. Every action counts. You receive non monetary points and rewards to help you in your life, and there is a leaderboard enabling gamification so people hopefully will keep using The Hero Loop. Everyone can make a difference with this free service. Everyone can be a hero, and every “looper” can make a hero by repeating requests for help.

18 June 2021

Hack for Earth Foundation interviews TheHeroLoop

TheHeroLoop tells our story of winning several hackathon’s and the journey from idea to product at Hack for Earth offices in Stockholm, Sweden. Hack the Earth Foundation bring creative and engaged citizens and organizations all over the world together in hackathons and other events, they find real solutions to the 17 SDG global goals, and bring them to life. Their mission is creating sustainable tech solutions for the good of society through citizen driven innovation.

15 June 2021

IBM GOTO Meetup - Making Sense of Measures

TheHeroLoop tells our story at the IBM GOTO meetup. Created for developers, by developers, GOTO is a software development content and events platform focused on gathering the best minds in the software community. The GOTO event series goes beyond conferences held online and in Chicago, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. They also hold meetups with their network of speakers year-round. Each meetup is designed for developers who want to stay up to date with the latest tools, technologies, processes and practices in the software industry. 

12 May 2021

WeAreDevelopers - Future of Tech Day

WeAreDevelopers Live is a virtual event series loaded with educational and inspirational talks, gathering some of the most prominent names in the dev world to speak their minds about trends, technologies and challenges of tomorrow in software development. Listen to  Stephanie Cleijpool, Developer Relations Lead EMEA at IBM interview our founder Bente Acking. Combat loneliness: how hackathons can help revolutionize our society.

March 2021

THE FEMALE QUOTIENT Talks about our CEO Bente Acking

There are so many stories to be told of the participants in Call for Code, which is a global initiative created by David Clark Cause and supported by Founding Partner IBM and Charitable Partner United Nations Human Rights, but those personal experiences that are most powerful are the heartbeat moments. 

In this 5 part series, you’ll hear about moments like this. You’ll learn about the ambitious stories of several highly-innovative women dedicated to forging new pathways, solving problems from different angles, and turning purpose into action.

February – April 2021

Six students chose TheHeroLoop for their internship

TheHeroLoop welcomes six students who will work together in our environment setup – a place to try out and acquire new skills in an agile setting. We believe helping students prepare for work life is an important part and have an apprenticeship  culture for our business. We partner with private education institutions, and offer a deep tech platform where students can be mentored by experts, and learn without limits. We test and build around a skill-based paradigm, where productiveness, cognitive and technical skills lead to jobs.

18 January 2021

Hack for Earth Foundation picks TheHeroLoop as one of the most innovative winning solutions

Connecting everyday heroes with those in need. The Hero Loop is bringing citizens together and connecting citizens in need of help. The Hero Loop AB, founded October 2020 in Sweden, is a jury awarded social app bringing citizens together and connecting citizens in need of help with help from other citizens nearby.

7 January 2021

IBM blogs about Santiago volunteering in TheHeroLoop Community

Learn new skills by working on volunteer projects. Full-stack developer Santiago Arriaga didn’t really know about Kafka before he joined TheHeroLoop Call for Code team. Apart from having a good time online with the team, he learned how to use Apache Kafka and how to connect with AI and ML services.

11 December 2020 

TheHeroLoop joins Nordic Edge

Nordic Edge is supporting TheHeroLoop by providing a free membership to their smart city innovation cluster. The membership will give TheHeroLoop the opportunity to collaborate with the Nordic Edge ecosystem, access their investor programmes and more.

18 November 2020 

TheHeroLoop is interviewed by IBM at DN Unlimited Conference

Founder of TheHeroLoop Bente Acking is interviewed by IBM Stephanie Cleijpool, Manager Developer Relations IBM Europe  at DN Unlimited Conference Europe’s biggest data science gathering with 100+ speakers and 5000 participants. Find us a 16:28-16:46 “Combat loneliness: How hackathons can help revolutionize our society”. 

6 November 2020

Winners of Nordic Smart City Hack

See the closing ceremony where TheHeroLoop are announced as winners, and read the submission. The prize is meetings and possible collaboration with European Commission EASME, The Swedish Institute and Helsingborg stad to make TheHeroLoop come to life.

 5 November 2020

Submission to Nordic Smart City Hack

While we are working on MVP1 to finish up, we have new ideas for MVP2 which are submitted to the Nordic Smart City Hack. You can read the submission here. 

29 October 2020

Community help during Covid and beyond

After TheHeroLoop had been announced as regional winner of the Call for Code Challenge in Europe I had the honor of interviewing two of the team members of TheHeroLoop.

28 October 2020

Announcing the 2020 Call for Code Regional Winner Europe: TheHeroLoop

Head of the Call for Code Jury for Europe, Robin Weninger, announces the Regional Winner Europe: TheHeroLoop. The team will receive $10K and solution deployment support to make their solution available to everyone.

17 October 2020

TheHeroLoop will participate in Nordic Smart City Hack 2-6 November 2020

The Nordics are in the  forefront of innovation, sustainability and standard of living. TheHeroLoop will participate with new idea to help build the future of Nordic cities.

16 October 2020 

TheHeroLoop vann IBM:s Call for Code i Europa!

Vi är oerhört hedrade och så glada över att ha vunnit IBMs tävling ”Call for Code” i Europa med The Hero Loop! Här är min berättelse om hur allt startade och vad som hände längs vägen till vad som blev en europeisk förstaplats i den globala tävlingen.

15 October 2020 

Winner of IBMs Call for Code Challenge Europe

TheHeroLoop is the regional winner of IBMs 2020 Call for Code Challenge in Europe. TheHeroLoop will receive $10K and solution deployment support to make their solution available to everyone. 300,000 participated from 168 countries!

14 October 2020

Become a local hero with AI

Bente Acking presents TheHeroLoop at hosted by Hbg Works. presents experts from the Öresundregion on AI & ML topics. Listen in to what is new within the AI & ML world. TheHeroLoop pitch starts at 24:18, where you can also see a demo.

 31 July 2020

TheHeroLoop enters IBM Call for Code Challenge

The team enters the challenge with this video about a lonely elderly called Agda and how we can help her, together with a description in our GitHub.