About Us

Meet our Founder and CEO

“Our world is experiencing a difficult time on a Global scale. Governments are not capable of handling citizens’ massive need for social and economic help in post-pandemic scenario. There are huge refugee waves in several regions, many are experiencing crisis situations, and everyday life is tough and lonely for many. On top of this we have climate change to tackle, and also inflation as well as law and order. There is a huge need to re-build societies and economies. To get through all this I believe humanity needs to act together, we need to help each other rise, collaborate and build stronger communities. This is why I built TheHeroLoop together with my amazing team, to help organise a wave and movement where everyone in a self-sustaining and rewarding way help each other within their own communities to pay it forward. In any city. In any town. Everywhere.”
– Bente Acking.

“Our world needs our actions, and our sunshine stories, let's pay it forward.”
 – Bente Acking


During the pandemic Bente took the chance to innovate. Through winning hackathons she founded The Hero Loop to implement a feasible idea. She started by building a team of volunteers to win hackathons together with, whom some even later became temporary employees. 

The Hero Loop company started to take form in March 2020, and founded  August 2020. So far she has bootstrapped $250k of her own funds in The Hero Loop AB. If you are an investor, please reach out (LinkedIn)We have built an advanced technical platform, but we need to scale-up to handle the world.

Our Mission

 “To inspire, motivate, and connect people to help each other and create a better and more sustainable world, while prioritising safety and data privacy.”




Now that we need each other more than ever, post-pandemic, with wars causing refugee waves, a global recession and environmental impact hanging over us, The Hero Loop aims to be the platform where people can help each other in a safe way.

We are turning to reach global audiences to have people all around the world working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).


At The Hero Loop we rely on our values in everything we do. Our services, our daily routine at the office, our consultancy roles and our developing processes. For our product we focus on these values.


You own your privacy data. Our processes are protected by blockchain so you don’t have to worry about anyone tracking your data. We use AI/ML and rating to stop toxic users.


Research says helping others is proven to increase levels of health, happiness and life expectancy. Through compassion we exercise empathy. 



The world is always evolving and we evolve with it. At The Hero Loop we keep up with the newest technology, use design thinking to ideate and research, in order to apply it the best way in real life.


From inside out, diversity is everywhere at The Hero Loop. We work with people from all around the world, with different areas of expertise to deliver the best possible experience to our Heroes and Loopers.

Continuous Improvement

We have – as our goal, to never settle. Apply continuous improvements in all areas of our business and products.


Developers, experts and citizens working together for the best user experience in TheHeroLoop web app. 


Sustainable Communities

We work towards the SDG’s in everything we do. We provide a sustainable end to end way to collaborate everywhere in order to accelerate the SDG’s. Let’s build a better tomorrow together!

Help create a better tomorrow

TheHeroLoop wants the world to be a healthier, happier way of life for all – at all ages. So we created a concrete way for everyone with a need to be matched with someone to help. We want to support transforming our world – to create a better tomorrow, for all life on Earth. We built a gamified way that promotes behaviour change, where millions of Hero actions and services can be carried out every day. Be the local Hero. Pay it forward.

TheHeroLoop supports the UN Sustainability Development Goals – a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. From the 17 goals these are the one’s we focus on for now.

With TheHeroLoop you can be matched with those who want to share their surplus with you - a farmer, a grocery store etc. Instead of throwing away food, share it with the hungry.

By using TheHeroLoop you not only contribute to your community's health and well being but also your own. Helping others has proven to increase good health and well-being.

By using decentralised technology TheHeroLoop made it possible for you to be anonymous and own your own data. There are no differences made whoever you are.

TheHeroLoop provides a way to acquire new skills by helping the citizens in the neighbourhood where you live. You will gather points for your wallet based on your rating.

One of TheHeroLoop missions is to provide robust tech for all, this means providing access to data driven and connected apps for everyone across the world.

With TheHeroLoop you can reach out within your community and exchange or give away things. One persons waste, another persons gift. You can also ask to share transportation.

With TheHeroLoop your local farmer and grocery store can reach out to the community with an invitation to a farmers market or inform that expired products are at a low price. Harvests and good products should not go to waste.

In TheHeroLoop AI filters toxic use, and combats all sorts of organised crime. The web app promotes solutions to everyday problems and the mission is to contribute to a more civil just and peaceful society.

TheHeroLoop partners with cluster networks and global companies that promote responsible computing and UN's SDG agenda. It's only together we all can mould our world into what we want it to be. Better. Together.

Everyone can act on transforming our world. Be a Hero.