Supporting Ukraine

How to be a Hero

During the pandemic we set out on a journey to make sure no one was forgotten – in isolation or in need of help. When the war started we saw a massive wave of refugees that need help. In fact, the need is so big that it’s very difficult for organisations and governments to meet the needs alone. We all need to help out! TheHeroLoop web app is built to fit for helping in whatever circumstances, even in your community.

We are working very hard to help you help Ukrainian refugees in these difficult times. That means that our TheHeroLoop web app is available for you to use. It’s now in 100+ languages. We made the service free for citizens,  so everyone can have a chance to reach out and help refugees. 

We provide a way for you citizens to self organise, to help refugees within a 20 km radius nearby. We offer you a way to structure – in a digital way, the enormous amount of need – with helping hands, from the local citizens, who want to help nearby. 

Everyone can register (outside war zones):

1) to offer help – you are a Hero

2) to ask for help – you are a Looper because you keep the loop of needs going

For our service to be of good use for you, you will need to build a community where you are. Share our link in your surrounding, for example in a refugee-camp, or where you live, to organise and match need with helping hands. Get help. Give help.

TheHeroLoop users are anonymous to keep you safe, meaning no one can look you up, no one knows who you are, and no one can target you with personalised ads. However – to keep you safe, we track where all users are, and we use deep learning to alert and stop toxic users. Users location with timestamps are always turned on. We  automatically suspend users who get a bad rating including their devices. We also have various blockers in place to keep bots, crawlers, and hackers away from TheHeroLoop. We are currently working on other security features. 

TheHeroLoop is guarded with AI/ML toxic bad-use filters. We are using the data generated to continuously re-train the model. We have applied:

1) a toxic text detection that is intended to keep our web app clean from inappropriate language

2) a toxic filter that is intended to stop the upload of inappropriate images

If you notice any inappropriate behaviour please raise a report within our app, and we will remove the user. If the behaviour was against the law you should be aware we contact law enforcement directly and share user data with them. 

There is a Web3.0 login prepared, so if you feel comfortable with installing the encrypted Hiro Wallet from blockchain – a layer built on Bitcoin, then that is possible, and the safest encrypted choice.

Whichever way you chose to log in, please make sure to remain anonymous and create an avatar to log in. You can connect through the chat functionality within the web app to discuss details with them.

We are not interested in using your privacy data, we are interested in safely matching needs with help everywhere, and nearby where you are located. This means you will always need to have Location enabled to use the web app. We will use location data to create AI-based Dashboards to follow up with insights, to keep our service transparent and to keep you informed.


Are you wondering what you can do to support refugees in these difficult times? Try to use TheHeroLoop and spread the web app link in the area where you are. You can write in your language and the others can see the message in their language.

With the hope that this will help many people in need, and help rebuild our communities, help our democracies and socio-economies in various countries!

Be a Hero. Make a Hero.
Bente Acking with TheHeroLoop Team

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In today’s busy world, when people have no time and are busy with their lives, there might be someone who is in need of your help. Or maybe you need and extra hand today? Through TheHeroLoop helping one another was never this easy.