Won IBM Call for Code 2020

We won IBM’s Call for Code Europe 2020 where 400,000 participants compete with their ideas and projects to win. Thereafter we got to collaborate with a team from IBM to setup our product in IBM Cloud.


Won Covidathon 2020

Our founder participated in several Corona hackathon’s whereof one was Covidathon. This win was the push to continue to start our company The Hero Loop. 


Won Nordic Smart City Hack 2020

The brand The Hero Loop takes form and we win the Nordic Smart City Hack with new ideas of awarding citizens that do good deeds for each other. 

Access to the right people

To build a product there are many stages. First an idea must fill a need and be well prioritised and planned to form a concept. Then there’s a need to know how to create the requirements in a way so the teams will know what to do and when to do it. Testing and platform decisions are needed.

Putting together a team with the right skills and experience is easy, but it’s like creating an orchestra, each musician plays their part, and together they not only need to get the job done, but the music must sound beautifully. It’s the same building an application. All the details and parts need to be in tune to reach success. 

We know deep technology

Our team can: handle requirements with Design Thinking, Agile and Lean methods, write well written code, write automatic tests, handle security aspects, automate and orchestrate through DevOps and AI, and create data driven dashboards. 

We are experienced in these stages and are a tightly knit self-organising team. Together we collaborate to build applications and orchestrate them in Cloud. You can hire our team, or any of us one by one depending on your needs. We have a Cloud platform where we can work on building your application, and also host it if you would prefer.

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Our Services

UX & UI Design

We work with an iterative Design Thinking method throughout the product phases – Discovery with Research, Develop, Deliver & Deploy. Repeat!

Systems Engineering

We analyse system complexity and connect stakeholders to ensure the correct decisions are made at the right time from concept to production to operation. 

Web & App Development

We work with an agile self-organising team setup with high level of responsibility and ownership to reach Sprint goals. Please see the profiles below for further skills.

Application hosting

IBM Cloud is our service provider, and we use technology such as OpenShift, Kafka EventStreams, Cognos and IBM Cloud Paks. We can help you with your hosting needs.

Project Management

We work by Agile methodologies, and collaborate by various weekly stakeholder iterations and refinements to plan and prioritise the Product backlog.

Data Science

We use IBM Cognos Analytics and Kafka EventStreams to find meaningful correlations between large datasets and uncover insights in tailored dashboards.


Below you can find our consultants that are available to take on new temporary roles.
The Hero Loop operates out of Sweden, and employ consultants from various countries to work remotely. The Swedish consultants prefer a hybrid model, but can re-locate if needed.

Gautam Khatri

DevOps Engineer

Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker, Jenkins, C++, Python..

Abdul Basith

Junior Data Scientist

Python, C, Java, HTML, CSS, PySpark, Kubernetes..

Suneetha Jonnadula

Fullstack Engineer

Jupyter Notebook, Kubernetes, Python, C, Java, HTML, CSS, PySpark..

Jacqueline Turof

Frontend Developer

ReactJS & React Native, React Redux, NodeJS/Express, Firebase..

Alexander Grövnes

UX/UI Designer

Figma, Adobe XD, HTML, CSS, javascript, User Journeys, Personas..

Abdul Basith

Junior Data Scientist

Python, C, Java, HTML, CSS, PySpark, Kubernetes..

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