Consulting with The Hero Loop

We believe partnerships move us forward toward a brighter and more sustainable future. Utilizing innovative tech, we create scalable business solutions to strengthen corporate citizenship, Human Resources, Strategy, and ROI. 

Our custom-designed solutions for organizations use AI and decentralized blockchain to help guide strategy, provide resources, and accurately measure and quantify corporate citizenship efforts.

We put your organizational needs first. Our custom solutions can be provided on an ongoing subscription model, providing ongoing support and data, or as one-time solutions that serve a specific time-sensitive purpose. No matter which option you choose we are here to provide world-class solutions and support for your organization.

With a global team of experts passionate about sustainability and providing solutions that improve the world, The Hero Loop is your “Tech for Good” resource.

UX & UI Design

We work with an iterative Design Thinking method throughout the product phases – Discovery with Research, Develop, Deliver & Deploy. Repeat!

Every digital product or digital service benefits from good UX and UI designs. Both of them have the user (of such product or service) in mind when creating a new design. However, User Experience design and User Interface design are not the same thing. Their intent is to give your client an intuitive and pleasing feel of whatever you are developing in the digital world.

UX and UI work together to deliver a top experience with the best interface. The User Experience expert will put your user in mind while creating an intuitive and easy way for a user to interact with your digital website, app, platform, service, etc.  They are responsible for creating solutions and delivering what a user expects from every interaction. The User Interface expert will worry about how everything looks. The appearance has to work together with the experience that the user will find in your product. How every button looks, how the visuals work together with each element that is built into your app, website or whatever digital service or product you offer.

At The Hero Loop, we have experts in both UX and UI ready to help you out in every phase of your design.

System Engineering

We analyze system complexity and connect stakeholders to ensure the correct decisions are made at the right time from concept to production to operation. 

You have an idea; we have all the solutions. Through Systems Engineering and Full Stack Development we can design, integrate and manage all the systems that bring your ideas to life. From the development phase all the way to software ideation, processes, verification, and validation. We ensure the integration of all capabilities that will deliver a successful system running smoothly from end to end.

The Hero Loop is here to code, develop, test, and provide analyses every step of the way. Cost-efficient systems are our focus when consulting for your business, service, or product.

Web & App Development

The Hero Loop team work with an agile self-organizing team setup with a high level of responsibility and ownership to reach Sprint goals.

Our tight and diverse team is both skilled and global. From the US to India we are sitting all over the world. We are a mix of people who believe in deep tech for good and that co-creating is always the best way to reach the best results. Multi-culturalism allows us to have global perspectives when partnering with your company to build the best products for you.

When creating a website or a web application, many factors need to be considered to deliver the best possible product or service. This is where The Hero Loop can assist you. With our team, there is no limit to developing your most creative ideas because we put together all the capabilities needed to do so.

Project Management

We work by Agile methodologies and collaborate by various weekly stakeholder iterations and refinements to plan and prioritize the Product backlog.

When a plan becomes a project there is so much that needs to be done and it is not necessarily easy to bring these plans to life. Our Project Management experts can lead your plans to execution with ease. Leading a team to deliver the best results and achieve your project goals having in mind, at all times, the project scope, project timing (and its limitations), and the project’s budget as well.

Co-creating is part of our value system and therefore we are always in touch with stakeholders when working with project management.

According to the Project Management Institute, there are 5 phases that a project manager follows to have a good project management delivered: (#1) conception and initiation, (#2) planning, (#3) execution, (#4) performance/monitoring, and (#5) project closing. An
experienced project manager can make the difference to make your plan into a well designed and beautifully delivered project, or break it.

Kafka Event Streams

Applications today are usually made of many smaller applications that work together as one.

Those services need to be able to communicate with each other, this is where Kafka comes in. It allows several services to listen and communicate with each other in real-time. The services will either be a producer or a consumer. In TheHeroLoop web app case, our APIs are our producer, with our web app and services working as the consumers.
Kafka can also be used as a database. When an event is produced by an API, it is logged and saved by the Kafka Apache server before it forwards the message to the platforms and our web app and services. Those events can be queried and insight can be gained from them, this is where our data scientist would come in to take all these events that have been logged and find relationships between these data.

Data Science

The future we are heading towards is changing drastically in terms of how data is being used in the organizations. With data, companies can extract hidden patterns, find meaningful insights and make better business decisions to meet customer’s demand. We at The Hero Loop are working on a setup where customer’s can subscribe to tailored dashboards that provides clear picture on the stats of their business. 

We are using IBM Cognos Analytics and EventStreams to build this setup. Our setup is to integrate EventStreams with IBM Cognos Analytics. EventStreams  is an event-streaming platform that helps in building smart apps which can react to event as they happen. The data from the customer’s are stored as topic in EventStreams. 

A connection is established between EventStreams and IBM Cognos analytics. IBM Cognos Analytics use the data  from the topics and shows insights in an interactive dashboard. These dashboards are real-time, which means as an event occurs it will be reflected in the dashboard.

This setup is provided as a service from us at The Hero Loop, organizations can hire our team to build real-time interactive dashboards which shows hidden insights about their business and also help them maintain these dashboards and reports.

Access to the right people

To build a product there are many stages. First an idea must fill a need and be well prioritized and planned to form a concept. Then there’s a need to know how to create the requirements in a way so the teams will know what to do and when to do it. Testing and platform decisions are needed.

Putting together a team with the right skills and experience is easy, but it’s like creating an orchestra, each musician plays their part, and together they not only need to get the job done, but the music must sound beautifully. It’s the same building an application. All the details and parts need to be in tune to reach success. 

Let’s work together on your next idea