Connecting volunteers around the world with local people in need. Secure, and without tracking your personal data.

How it works:

Someone in need sends a request to TheHeroLoop: using the webapp or the landline.

We call them Loopers, because they keep the loop going.

Heroes in the area are notified, and one of them accepts the task.

They still need to be confirmed by the Looper, to get mutual acceptance.

A Hero is on the way to help!

Loopers and Heroes can chat or call each other to communicate the task completion details.

Why we started TheHeroLoop:

Our mission is to create a social platform that actually brings people together. We want to start this movement from the bottom, up.


To decentralize privacy data and remove toxic use, so we can provide a safe and private platform for all, maintaining high GDPR protocols.

We care the most about

getting our users the help they need in a secure and easy way, as fast as possible.

Safety first

Our top-notch decentralisation principle, supported by Blockchain, keeping your privacy information encrypted with a private key on a storage system of your choice.

24/7 Monitoring

Using our own Toxic Text Detection AI module, we prevent harmful conversations from happening on TheHeroLoop.

Muiltiple channels

You can use your smartphone, laptop, or just call in on our landline. Our Heroes are spread all over, and ready to help.

TheHeroLoop journey

We are using a safe and secure encrypted Blockchain authentication that works exclusively
with 12-word passkeys that’s saves on your device. It enables your privacy to be protected,
so you can be anonymous in TheHeroLoop.

No password or complicated authorisation process needed after registration.

We use AI/ML to stop toxic use within TheHeroLoop.

TheHeroLoop is matching individuals in need (Loopers) with volunteers (Heroes) based on their location in a 20 km radius worldwide. We provide Loopers with the option to ask for a specific task and specify a certain time.

We are inclusive. If you don’t have Internet, or don’t like to use it, it’s possible to call a number with your button phone to get help within your zip-code area. 

With real time location tracking the Looper – and only the looper – can see when the Hero is arriving. After completing a task a Hero is rewarded with points for their good deeds, and there is a Leaderboard!

We create social circles where you live, to trade, to meet-up, to get value for your good deeds, and we offer  local businesses a way to give coupons in exchange of these good deed’s value. 

We are a Global team building these MVPs on our free time! You can see who we are here.
We strongly believe in TheHeroLoop and tech for good as well as tech for all. 

Our aim is to reach a Global market. More is planned for involving businesses, governments, universities and organisations, and we thank IBM and Nordic Edge for supporting us in this journey.

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Enhance community health with TheHeroLoop

Volunteering is proven to enhance health and increase your motivation and confidence.
During complicated times, volunteering is crucial to keep social interaction alive and help those in need in your community. Whether someone needs voluntarily help with groceries, gardening or medicine pickups and any task, with TheHeroLoop we enable people around the globe to perform safe volunteering tasks within a 20 km radius of wherever both Hero’s and Looper’s are in real time.

Join us if you want to:

Try new stuff

While helping someone in need.
We call this being a Hero.

Connect with locals

in your area, and support this movement from the bottom, up.

Get your daily walk

and have them call you a “Hero” for helping on the go.